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Azzip Pizza Michigan Road – Grand Opening

AZZIP PIZZA NOW OPEN BY THE PYRAMIDS – INDIANAPOLIS, IN Azzip (AY-ZIP) Pizza has expanded from its hometown of Evansville to Indianapolis, IN and has opened their new location on Michigan Road. This is Azzip’s second Indianapolis-area location and eleventh overall. “I am excited to be open in Indy!” says founder Brad Niemier.  “We’ve got… View Article

Azzip Pizza Wins Menu Innovation Award

Azzip Pizza, the fast-growing pizza chain known for its creative, customizable pizzas, has won the award for Menu Innovation at an awards ceremony at the Las Vegas Country Club presented by Pizza Marketplace. The award recognizes Azzip Pizza’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the pizza industry and creating unique and delicious… View Article

Azzip Pizza Opening by the Pyramids – Indianapolis, IN

Azzip Pizza is expanding from its hometown of Evansville to Indianapolis, IN and is planning to open Summer 2023.  The new location on Michigan Road will mark Azzip’s second Indianapolis-area location and eleventh overall.

O’Connell Launches ‘Aidan’s Air Raid’ at Azzip Pizza

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Azzip (AY-ZIP) Pizza has signed Purdue Boilermakers quarterback Aidan O’Connell to a Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) deal with Team Azzip during the 2022 football season. This marks the first Level 2 partnership in the Team Azzip program. More expansive than the Level 1 partnership that was created when the NIL rules… View Article

Greenwood Azzip Now Delivering

Azzip is now offering delivery in Greenwood! Create Something Delicious on our unique personal pizzas right from your couch. With thin crusts, Detroit-style pan pizza, cauliflower, keto, and gluten-free crusts, as well as vegan and vegetarian options, we have something for the whole family.

Back To The Drawing Board

Over 6 years, we worked to create the best possible in-store personal pizza experience.  Then Covid came and most of you were no longer eating your pizza in the store.  We had to rethink the entire experience and adapt to this new format.  In the beginning, we weren’t good in this new world.  We weren’t… View Article

What Happens When You Plan to Open a New Restaurant During a Pandemic

Over the past 6 years, we have slowly refined our new store opening plans since the first Azzip opened in Evansville, IN in February 2014.  From design and construction to hiring and training to marketing and logistics, we went through multiple iterations as we learned (oftentimes the hard way), how to effectively launch Azzip in… View Article

Reopening Blog Post

We are genuinely excited to welcome you back into our stores!  We are also genuinely nervous about welcoming you back into our stores. These competing feelings are being felt by every member of our team.  They have likely been felt by you as well as you may be returning to workplaces, visiting Azzip, etc.  We… View Article

Pizza of the Month Awards

With any business, you have to find ways to set yourself apart from your peers.  From the beginning, Azzip was built to be a different customer service experience from other pizza restaurants.  Besides just the customer experience, Azzip wanted to feature the creativity of Chef Blake Kollker.  The Pizza of the Month (herein known as… View Article