We Give A’Zip

Giveback Program Overview

Azzip Pizza is proud to sponsor our We Give A’Zip Giveback Program to benefit local organizations and schools in communities in which we operate. Our Giveback Program is our main way of supporting local not-for-profit organizations who are instrumental in bringing about many of the great things that are happening in our community.

Giveback Program Guidelines

If your organization is a charitable organization that is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3), you are eligible to submit an application for our We Give A’ Zip Giveback Program. When approved, your event will be scheduled on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday during normal business hours. 20% of pretax sales from your organization’s guests will be donated to your organization. Guests must present a printed or electronic voucher at the time of purchase for their sales to be counted towards the final giveback amount.

Organizations that can benefit from our Giveback Program include, but are not limited to:

  • K-12 schools
  • University Groups
  • Parent Teacher Organizations
  • Youth Community Groups
  • School-Affiliated Sports Teams
  • School Bands
  • Booster Clubs

Gift Card Sales

Azzip also offers the opportunity for your organization to sell Azzip gift cards prior to your giveback event. Your organization pre-sells the gift cards for $10 or $25 each. After the event, Azzip will provide you with the gift cards and your organization keeps 20% of the sales. To set this up, please contact Kenzie Campbell via email at kenzie.campbell@azzippizza.com.

Scrip Card Program

Azzip works with schools and churches that participate in the scrip card program. $10 and $25 gift cards may be purchased for future re-sale through your organization for 10% off. To set this up, please contact Kenzie Campbell via email at kenzie.campbell@azzippizza.com.

Registering Your Organization for Our Giveback Program

To register, please download an online application from here or pick up an application at any of our Azzip locations. Please note that filling out an application does not confirm your organization’s event. You will then receive an email from us within 5 business days informing you if your event has been approved and confirming the date of your event. Your application must be submitted and approved at least 2 weeks prior to the requested date of your event. Our email to you will include a flyer and a pre-printed voucher that you can use to promote your event.

Promoting Your Event

Your organization will be responsible for promoting your event. The more of your organization members, friends, family, and supporters you can get the flyers out to, the greater the chance of success for your fundraiser. All flyers must be distributed prior to the event and under no circumstances shall flyers be handed out on Azzip property. Some potential ways you can promote your fundraiser include Websites, Email Databases, Social Media (Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, etc.), Meetings and Events, Local News and Radio.

Azzip will mail a check to your organization within 4 weeks following your event.

Thank you for partnering with Azzip Pizza to provide this fundraising opportunity for your organization! If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a giveback, please contact Kenzie Campbell via email at kenzie.campbell@azzippizza.com.

Giveback Application