We Give A’Zip

Giveback Program Overview

Azzip Pizza is proud to sponsor our We Give A’Zip Giveback Program to benefit local organizations and schools in communities in which we operate. Our Giveback Program is our main way of supporting local not-for-profit organizations who are instrumental in bringing about many of the great things that are happening in our community.

Giveback Day

Eat Pizza. Raise Some Dough. Pick a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday for our dine & donate program. Your supporters can dine in or use your giveback code online and your organization will receive 20% of the sales you bring in.

School Gift Card Fundraiser

We have a new fundraiser for schools! You can earn 20% on pre-purchased gift cards through the sales log and eGift Cards. Each time a student reaches $50 in sales, they get a free pizza card! If each enrolled student averages $40 in sales, Azzip will offer a free catering to all staff and faculty!

Gift Card Fundraiser

Azzip also offers the opportunity for your organization to sell Azzip gift cards prior to your giveback event. Your organization pre-sells the gift cards for $10 or $25 each. After the event, Azzip will provide you with the gift cards and your organization keeps 20% of the sales. To set this up, please contact Kenzie Campbell via email at kenzie.campbell@azzippizza.com

Scrip Card Program

Azzip works with schools and churches that participate in the scrip card program. $10 and $25 gift cards may be purchased for future re-sale through your organization for 10% off. To set this up, please contact Kenzie Campbell via email at kenzie.campbell@azzippizza.com

Sponsorships and Donations

Another way we give back is through sponsorships and donations. If you’re the coordinator for your school’s athletics sponsorships (e.g. football banners) or extracurriculars, part of your PTO/PTA’s fundraising team and have an upcoming raffle or silent auction, or have something else we may be able to help your non-profit with, please reach out!