About Azzip Pizza

Azzip (pronounced “Ay – Zip”) was conceived as an idea by founder Brad Niemeier while in college. As a student, Brad won Purdue’s Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition and $20,000 to launch the business. With the help of friend Blake Kollker, an accomplished chef, Azzip’s menu and concept went from business plan to reality. With Mom as his accountant, Dad as his handyman, and brother rolling dough, Azzip sold its first pizza on February 5th, 2014 in Evansville, IN. Since opening, Brad recruited other family members and friends to join the business to help spread Azzip to new pizza-loving customers.


Corporate Staff

Brad Niemeier

Founder, Pizza Enthusiast

Blake Kollker

Director of Food and Purchasing

Dan Niemeier

Director of Facilities, Emeritus

Craig Niemeier

Director of Finance

Andy Niemeier


Laura Niemeier


Kenzie Campbell

Office Manager

Zack Mathis

Director of Marketing

Mark Feldkamp

Training & Continuous Improvement Lead

Craig Melvin

Northern Regional Manager

Ken Burzynski

Southern Regional Manager

Jace Elpers

Director of Facilities

Jake Watson

Content Producer

General Managers

Logan Koch

Evansville - West

Zac Allen


Amanda Boyd

Evansville - East

John Lamb

Bowling Green

Kelcie Cottom

Terre Haute

Logan Kohut


Brandi Hayes


Mike Rohner


Kodi Leistner

Evansville - North

Qiana Papach

Indianapolis - Greenwood

Kenzie Edwards

Indianapolis – Michigan Road


  • 2012
    • Brad won Burton D Morgan Business Plan Competition at Purdue University

    • Recipe and Ingredient Research and Development for Azzip

  • 2013
    • Signed First Lease for Evansville Westside Location

  • 2014
    • February 5

      Opening of Evansville Westside Location

    • Won Evansville Living Magazine’s “Best New Restaurant “ Award

  • 2015
    • First won Evansville Courier and Press Readers’ Choice Gold Award for “Best Place for Pizza” (3x winner)

    • February 9

      Hosted first "We Give A'Zip" giveback with Newburgh Elementary School

  • 2016
    • Moved out of Mom and Dad's basement into Azzip Headquarters in Evansville

    • Introduced the Mac Daddy and General Yum Yum in the next line of customer favorite Pizza of the Months

  • 2017
    • March 1

      March Crabness takes over Azzip stores for the first time in... March

    • Hosted first Kid's Make Your Own Pizza day

  • 2018
    • April 8

      Azzip comes full circle with opening of Lafayette, IN location near Purdue University

    • Launched cauliflower crust and zero sausage ingredient options

    • Instituted the Power of Pizza philosophy to create memorable experiences for Azzip customers

    • Raised starting pay to $11 per hour

  • 2020
    • Our 10th location, the first Indy-area store, to open in the Summer

    • Named #67 on the FastCasual Top 100 "Movers & Shakers" List

    • Implemented Online Ordering process in response to Covid-19 pandemic

    • Added the Pot Of Dough Fundraiser, giving back over $35,000 in its inaugural year

  • 2021
    • Square Zips (aka Thicc Zips) introduced on the menu

  • 2023
    • Named "Top Menu Innovator" on Pizza Marketplace's inaugural "Top 100 Movers & Shakers" list

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