What to expect from us.

If you are going to join our team, you should know what you can expect from us as a company.  Although making delicious pizzas is kind of our thing, our first priority is providing a great employee experience.  We will always be focused on making each team and store a great place to work and eat.  We want you to bring your unique strengths to Azzip and create meaningful relationships within your team at Azzip. 

Before you apply, we encourage you to check out the report from our semi-annual survey to see what our current employees say about their experience working at Azzip.   You deserve to work at a place that makes this a priority.  And while we aren’t always perfect (see our survey data below), we promise to constantly work at providing you with the best possible environment to work in.

Support a team environment

Our goal is to provide an awesome environment for you to work in and our customers to eat in.  These environments are not independent.  You should have fun at work and have a great team to make pizzas alongside.  We are picky with who we hire because we want you to have a team of people who will work hard together and be supportive of each other.

Value your work

You will have a major impact on each customer’s experience and your fellow employee’s experience.  You should be rewarded and recognized for the value you provide.  Our goal is to be an industry leader in pay, and as such all team members start at $11 per hour and shift leaders start at $13 per hour.

Provide flexible schedules

You have more going on in your life than just work.  Whether it’s studying for school or spending time with your family or working a second job, you have a lot of priorities to balance.  While it takes some planning and commitment from everyone, we will work with you to find a schedule that fits your life.  With morning and evening shifts ranging from four to eight hours, we have a variety of options that can work for your needs.

What we expect from you.

If you want to join our team, you should know what our expectations will be of you.  Azzip isn’t a great fit for everyone.  If you don’t like customer service, probably not the best job for you.  If you like working alone, you probably won’t like relying on support from your teammates to get the job done.  However, if the traits below describe you, then you will thrive in our Azzip environments!

Positive Attitude

We expect you to have a natural, positive outlook and attitude.  All Azzip employees interact with customers for the majority of their shift.  There is no hiding from customer service at Azzip.  Positive attitudes are infectious and can help lift the rest of the team up when things get tough.


A great team environment is built on the contributions of every person on that team.  People supporting each other.  Communicating respectfully.  Establishing strong relationships between each member of the team.  We expect our team members to contribute to building the great environments we are trying to create in each store.


During peak business hours at Azzip, you will be making pizzas, cleaning tables, and interacting with customers for several hours straight.  You’ll have to stay on top of your game the entire time.  We look for and expect everyone to work hard as a team to make sure our customers have memorable experiences at Azzip.


We run with efficient staffs, and we need everyone on our team to be accountable to fulfilling their role.  Besides showing up on-time for shifts, we expect our team members to be accountable to doing things right to make sure each customer at Azzip gets to create something delicious.

Sound like a good fit?

If Azzip sounds like a place you would enjoy working and you can bring a positive attitude, work hard, and be a great teammate, please take the time to tell us more about you by applying below!