Azzip Brand Guide

If you’re looking for the Azzip Pizza Logo, you’ve come to the right place.
Azzip Pizza reserves all rights to our logo and its variations. The copies provided here are for illustrative and non-commercial use. This is where you will find the latest copies of our logo. It is preferred that permission be obtained before using our logo. If a higher-resolution version is needed, contact

Primary Logo

Azzip Pizza Logo Official Two Colors
Two-color, official logo. Use when possible.

Secondary Logos

Azzip Pizza Logo Black

All black logo. Use on lighter backgrounds when a single color print is needed.

Azzip Pizza Logo Yellow

All yellow logo. Use when there is not enough contrast with a two-color logo, or when a single color print is needed and the project isn’t limited to black or white.

Azzip Pizza Logo White

All white logo. Use on darker backgrounds when a single color print is needed. This is a good example of a bad time to use it.


Do not recolor, change the ratio, add or remove elements, crop, rotate, skew, distort or add effects to the logo. If any of those changes are needed, explicit permission must be obtained. Please explain the project and change(s) to before proceeding.