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If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “How does Azzip use different social media platforms?” you’re probably either in marketing or working on a class project. Even if you aren’t, here’s a quick peek behind the curtain: Primarily, we use Twitter, Instagram, and as my grandma calls it, “the Facebook.” “The Facebook” is where we have… View Article
There are five Niemeier’s currently earning a paycheck from Azzip Pizza.  Those five would be myself, my mother (Laura), my father (Dan), my older brother (Andy) and my younger brother (Craig).  That makes it five for five for our family. Mom was in it from the start.  She had been working part time at Habitat… View Article
I get asked by many of our customers, “How did you come up with that pizza? I would never have thought of putting (insert crazy delicious topping here) on a pizza! Sure our pizzas are nothing like the original Margarita pizza’s with red sauce, Mozzarella and Basil of Naples that were eaten by the poor because… View Article
How did you come up with the idea for Azzip? I get this question a lot.  Whether I am in one of the stores or out at an event, people are always very interested in where the idea came from.  Did it just pop in my head like a light bulb going off?  Was it… View Article
Azzip Pizza is known for delicious pizza, warm, melty cookies, and thoughtful, insightful and downright thought provoking blog posts?  Okay so we can’t claim to be quite there yet with the blog thing. This is our first post so I guess you could say we are on the right track. So why did we start this blog?  And why should you spend… View Article