Chef Blake’s Pizza Party

I get asked by many of our customers, “How did you come up with that pizza? I would never have thought of putting (insert crazy delicious topping here) on a pizza!March Pizza of the Month - March Crabness
Sure our pizzas are nothing like the original Margarita pizza’s with red sauce, Mozzarella and Basil of Naples that were eaten by the poor because they had nothing but bread and wanted to spice it up a little bit. And we are fine with that!

For the most part, all of our POTM’s come out of thin air during our daily lives. Sometimes it’s because I am eating something I really enjoy like mac and cheese or crab rangoon (Mac Daddy and March Crabness). Or maybe one of our great foodservice suppliers has a new product they think we should use (Walking Taco, Mama’s Little Goat). Then there are other times when products and produce are at their peak and we just have to find a way to showcase them (T.L.B)

Once we have the idea for the pizza, I start searching through our suppliers to see what the best options are we can bring in to make the pizza a reality. We receive samples of the ingredients and head to the test kitchen to run a few sample ones through. We stuff our faces and tweak brands, ingredients, portions, methods, preparation, ect. until we are happy with the final product.
We are not trying to come up with the craziest pizza you have ever seen, we are just trying to have fun with our food and make sure that you have a good time enjoying a great tasting product. And if we can get you to chuckle or smirk when you see our newest creation, well then all the better.

And if we can get you to chuckle or smirk when you see our newest creation, well then all the better.

So as you can see there is no stress or long hard days of racking our brains to come up with these delicious options, but more just always keeping our eyes and minds open to what can become a great pizza for our customers. In its simplest form, our golden, flakey, crispy pizza crust is just a beautiful canvas to build your own personal pizza to enjoy however you like. So next time you are eating something and ask yourself what it would taste like as a pizza be sure to send me an email at and let me know what it is. Who knows, maybe you can create our next POTM.