Meet Our Meats

Since the beginning, we have partnered with the best providers of quality meats and take great care to showcase their amazing products on your pizza. Read on to find out what makes it a lineup of meats you would otherwise only find at high-end, high-dollar restaurants.

Ezzo “Old World Style” Pepperoni

When we were testing products while developing Azzip Pizza’s menu, we tasted over 20 different pepperoni products and this one stood out above all the rest, I don’t think we even debated it. Even when we were told this was the most expensive of the options we didn’t care. This pepperoni was worth it for its flavor and texture. It turns out this pepperoni was Old World Style from EZZO Sausage Company and it was a traditional style pepperoni having great curl and crisp. In addition to being delicious, we later found out that EZZO is a small family business just like Azzip making us even prouder to feature their product.

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Nueske’s Bacon

Get out of here “bacon” bits. This is one of the most premium bacon options out there. We cook the bacon ourselves, let it cool, and then chop it in-store. When your head chef’s license plate references bacon, you know the bacon you serve will be delicious. Nueske’s bacon comes from a family-owned company in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. They cure the bellies and smoke them for 24 hours using real applewood in their smokehouses.

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Miller Farms Chicken

You can’t make a proper T-Rab Special with bland, pre-cooked chicken breast chunks. We use thighs from Miller Poultry, marinate it in our homemade pesto, and roast it ourselves.

Miller Poultry is known as a vertically integrated poultry company, which means they have complete control of their entire supply chain.  Miller Poultry owns its breeder flocks, which is the stage where the eggs are laid prior to heading off to the hatchery.  At the hatchery, as you might expect, the eggs are incubated, hatched, sorted and then delivered to a farmer partner.  Once the broiler chickens are approximately 42 days of age, which is when they are fully grown, they are transported from the farm to a processing facility in town.

Farmers provide day-to-day care and management of the chickens with close oversight from Miller Poultry, whom provides all feed and any other necessary products to ensure the health and wellbeing of the birds.  Miller Poultry also sends team members to each of their partner farms on a weekly basis to assess the flocks.  The birds are raised inside naturally ventilated, curtain-sided houses and are free to roam on open floors. They are fed an all-vegetable, drug-free diet and are hormone and antibiotic-free.

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Fontanini Italian Sausage

Fontanini is a premier name in pizza toppings. Based in Chicago, Illinois with over 50 years in business, Fontanini has built a reputation within the food industry for high-quality products and exceptional flavors. All of our stores serve Fontanini sausage and when possible, we like to cook and hand-pull it ourselves.

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Pulled Pork

We leave the smoking to our local professionals. We work with local BBQ restaurants to produce our quality slow-roasted pulled pork. These pitmasters smoke whole pork butts on their pits for hours until they become tender and smoky. Then, they then rid them of excess fat and shred them before delivering to your closest Azzip.

Fontanini All Beef Meatball

Another high-quality product from Fontanini containing beef, real Romano and Ricotta cheese, and breadcrumbs to offer a homemade taste and texture on our pizzas.  They are sliced so that they do not roll off the pizza and are the perfect size to top your favorite pizza.

Pro-tip: Ask your pizza maker to crumble your meatballs to get an even better spread of this delicious product.

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