Our catering option includes a “Personal Pizza Box” for each catering customer. Each box includes a personal-sized pizza, cookie, and side salad. All orders include forks, napkins, and a salad dressing cup. Pricing for personalized boxes is as follows:

Price Guide

Little Zip & Cookie

Big Zip & Cookie

Square Zip & Cookie

Gluten-Free Pizza (add cookie for 85¢)

Cauliflower Pizza, Cookie

Add a side salad for $2.50/person






Pizza Types

We offer a pre-selected list of pizza options for our catering
customers, including our most popular pizza selections. Our
catering customers will be allowed to select from up to 5
different pizza types. We can still accommodate special dietary requests.






Azzip Picks (+50¢)


E-Ville Pig/Westsider

Potato Head

The Founder

Italian Stallion

Triple Double

Pizza of the Month

Pickup Times

8-25 Pizzas

26-50 Pizzas

Pickup available all day

Pickup at 11:00 AM or 5:00 PM



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