Here We Come, Owensboro!

Our opening in Owensboro is right around the corner!  We will be doing a free pizza day where every guest from open to close will be able to try one of our 8″ Little Zip pizzas for free on Sunday, July 14th!  We are super excited to finally be making it to Owensboro and have a great location picked out just inside the loop on Frederica St. as part of the new development at the old Texas Oil & Gas site.  We are excited to be a part of the community in Owensboro after years of hearing about all the great things happening across the river from Evansville.  

Azzip started in Evansville from an idea I had while a student at Purdue University in 2012.  I came home from school and recruited some family and friends to help me start it.  Today, we now have my entire family, both my parents and both my brothers, working for Azzip.  If you wonder how it feels as the middle child to own a company that employs the entire family, it is a great feeling 😉 We’ve worked hard to build this business into something we can be proud and can’t wait to share it with a new town.  

So Owensboro residents, what can you expect from us as we open our first location in your city?  Well, glad you asked.  Here are some of our goals:

Allow you to Create Something Delicious.

Azzip is a personal pizza company.  That means that every guest that walks through that door has the opportunity to create their version of delicious pizza.  Don’t worry about what your kids like, or what grandma likes.  Worry about yourself for a change.  We have a ton of options for those with dietary needs or preferences such as gluten-free crust, dairy-free cheese, low carb cauliflower crust, zero sausage (a plant-based sausage), and more.  We also have tons of high-quality traditional toppings, like our roasted in house Nueske’s bacon and Miller Amish Farms Chicken.  We’re cutting veggies and making dough from scratch every day as well.   If you have any questions about what we offer, just check out our menu or send us a message through our contact page!

We also hope you check out our Pizza of the Months.  This is a fun way of bringing a unique and different pizza out each month.  Some of the most popular ones include the March Crabness, a crab rangoon pizza, the Mac Daddy, a mac & cheese pizza with bacon and toasted panko breadcrumbs, and the White Lightning, a white bbq smoked chicken pizza.  Chef Blake is always having fun pulling together these creations.  Feel free to use the special ingredients we bring on for our POTM for your own creation.

Be a great employer.

Being a great place to work means a lot to us.  Having an awesome environment in our stores so our teams enjoy coming to work is important for us.  We’ve worked hard to make sure that is the case at our current 7 locations, and we will for Owensboro as well.  Some ways in which we set the tone for a great work environment starts with having great people.  You can’t do that without offering a wage that attracts great team members.  That is why we start every worker at $11 per hour.  Shift leads make $13 per hour. 

We also have a ton of great perks for working for Azzip.  These include free pizza every shift, flexible shift schedule, opportunities to advance, and a positive environment to work in.  Our Azzip Home Office staff has created what we call “Home Office Takeovers”.  These are days that our home office staff surprises the team in the store by showing up, sending them all home with pay for the day, and working their shifts.  We try to complete a takeover on an unsuspecting store at least once a month.

Be a great partner in the community. 

What does this mean to us?  Well, we are dedicated to supporting the community which supports us.  We do that in 3 main ways.  

  • We Give A’Zip Giveback Program.  We have a couple of different fundraising options, from Dine and Donate type days to Gift Card pre-sales.  20% of the sales from your supporters will go back to your cause. You can find more information about partnering with Azzip for a Giveback Day or Gift Card Fundraiser here.
  • Sponsoring school events and athletics.  Have some space in your school play program or on a fence at your high school soccer field?  These kinds of sponsorships are right up our alley and we try to help wherever we can.  Feel free to drop off information at the store, email us through our contact page, or send it over to our home office.
  • Auction Items.  Have a charity auction coming up for fundraising for your organization?  We are happy to donate gift cards and auction packs to help you raise funds to continue to do great work in the community.

I will be around the store a lot, especially in the beginning.  I can’t wait to meet with many of you and share the Azzip story.  Hope to see you at Azzip soon!